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Tag: Vehicles

Etijahat Aman Company

Etijahat Aman CompanyInterior, Exterior design TAGS Interior, Exterior, Maintenance, Vehicles Blender, 3Ds, Illustrator, Photoshop Date : 08 / 2022 It takes 7 days Identity and wide space, distinctive design inspired by Directions. Share 3D Project Create Request!

Memories of loved ones II

Memories of loved ones II Imagine a realistic picture Environment design TAGS Environment, Expressive painting, Vehicles, Realistic, Beach Blender, 3ds, Photoshop, Substance, Lightroom Date : 11 / 2021 It takes 12 days In this painting, I decided to revive the memory of loved ones, as this place relates to the

Mercedes E230

Mercedes E230, Interior Imagine a realistic picture II Car modeling TAGS Vehicle, Environment, ModelsBlender, 3ds, Photoshop, Substance Date : 11 / 2021 It takes 8 days I designed the interior of the car from several pictures from several sources. It was a stressful project, but I love it I encountered

Audi A7 Animation

Audi A7 Animation Car Rigging, animation Tags Vehicles, Animation, Realistic Blender, AfterEffects Date : 08 / 2021 It takes 2 daysالعمل-النهائي.mp4 Share 3D Project Create Request!

Audi Model

Audi Model Car modeling Tags Vehicles, Animation, Models Blender, Photoshop, AfterEffects Date : 02 / 2021 It takes 4 days Share 3D Project Create Request!