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Tag: Realistic

Vimto juice

Vimto juice promo Product design, Photography TAGS Packaging, Product, RealisticBlender, Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects PersonalDate : 04 / 2022 It takes 6 days Vimto drink product design, built from scratch and the simulated liquid industry all done in no time The label and the base of the bottle were designed by

Memories of loved ones II

Memories of loved ones II Imagine a realistic picture Environment design TAGS Environment, Expressive painting, Vehicles, Realistic, Beach Blender, 3ds, Photoshop, Substance, Lightroom Date : 11 / 2021 It takes 12 days In this painting, I decided to revive the memory of loved ones, as this place relates to the

Mercedes E230

Mercedes E230, Interior Imagine a realistic picture II Car modeling TAGS Vehicle, Environment, ModelsBlender, 3ds, Photoshop, Substance Date : 11 / 2021 It takes 8 days I designed the interior of the car from several pictures from several sources. It was a stressful project, but I love it I encountered

Audi A7 Animation

Audi A7 Animation Car Rigging, animation Tags Vehicles, Animation, Realistic Blender, AfterEffects Date : 08 / 2021 It takes 2 daysالعمل-النهائي.mp4 Share 3D Project Create Request!