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SWIFT Character

SWIFT Character 3D Character Tags Character, BrandBlender, Substance, Photoshop Date : 02 / 2023 It takes 21 days I followed the Disney style of drawing to produce a character that represents Brand Swift for batteries. The fun spirit, strength, and speed were the goal. Thanks

Basma Hanan

Basma Hanan Imagine a realistic picture Environment design TAGS Environment, Expressive painting, Characters Blender, Cc4, Photoshop, Substance Date : 1 / 2022 It takes 4 days The embodiment of tenderness that comes from the wife after the hardship of work.The obvious age of the man

Sci-Fi character

Sci-Fi character redesign Character modeling TAGS Character, Modeling, Sci-Fi, Rig Zbruch, Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop Date : 06 / 2021 It takes 13 days This fictional character has been redesigned to create an animation scene to animate the character. Share 3D Project Create Request!